Saturday, September 23, 2006

IRTT Revisited...

Went to IRTT after a gap 5+ Years for a Mock interview cum GD Practice session for 3rd year students with Aravind, Concept, Balaji and Ramesh.All of us were there in a weekend - 9th, 10th of this month.Aravind and myself stayed back on 11th too.

When Balaji and myself were walking uphill, we counted how many things we could clearly identify as a change along the way.We could just count 3.
1) NameBoard indicating where respective hostels are.
2) Cement applied in the pathway nearby the Vinayagar temple.
3) ..forgot by now :-(...
Some things were pretty same.
1) Bread in hostels
2) Fallen tree in the pathway between F Block and Mech Block[Hope this is another tree, not the one we have seen when we left.]

Went to Hindustani to have dinner on the first day.One major difference is this time stomach, not heart- not purse, decided when to stop eating :-(.

Seen Mayil and Dharvesh Mohideen in Mech Dept.HOD was out of town.So could not see. Met most of the 3rd Mech guys in a Q&A kind of a session. Most of the Mech students were in a dilemma about which field to choose..Mech or IT. ...Some were worried that they may not be able to sustain in the long run in the field.(If they know which kind of great intellect is being used in this work... Hmmm...). After the session one guy asked "Anna! Mech field la ennadhan nadakkudhu...Neenga Gold Medal vaanguneengalame... Ongalukke velai illaya".I laughed for a while[he must have thought this guy is weird :-)] and then tried to dispel some of his notions and pointed out the latest opportunities in the Design s/w field which is as high paying as s/w.

Met some very good- intelligent and sincere - guys from 3rd and final yrs who were organising this. Hmmm..If at all I was this good while in my third /final years....Life would be a little better now.

We conducted GDs and Interviews for 3rd year students and provided the feedback.This was a great learning for us[and hopefully for the students too :-)].We have identified some things for them to work on.

Some Serious Stuff:

We have requested the Final Year students to help in developing / providing individual attention to the Third Year students in their activities like Communication skill enhancement, Aptitude, Programming Skills etc.

The idea is to have a structure where around 30+ final year students(can be called as Mentors) from all branches will mentor 10 third year students each. Every Mentor will guide around 10 guys of his own branch. Every branch will have 6 or more mentors.[All of them are placed.So they will find some time :-) ].Third year students will select the mentor whom he wants to work with.

We will have separate Steering committees to focus on various knowledge areas such as communication, apti etc., Individual assessment of the 3rd year student will be done and the mentors will help in the development. The Steering committees will help in providing content/organising training etc in the respective areas. Later there can be contests for teams in various areas.

We will host a forum, probably in IRTT alumni website, mainly to connect the alumni and the students.Alumni may be able to help out in providing industry knowledge, connectivity and career planning.

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parthi said...

Its nice to know abt the brief flash back of our college would have been nice if all of us together in the campus...lot more things to be recollected ...given a chance i want to go back and correct what i was doing in my college would have been better like what jegan says...but things have we can only think and guys might have read "Five point someone" by Chetan Bhagat....its nice reading and inline with the college memories....