Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tools(?) for Bloggers – Part I

As I promised in my first post, I was thinking abt developing some online tools useful for online community.

In many web pages where a person mentions his mail ID,the mail Id format will be such that, only a human can understand it and not crawlers - softwares which reads the web content.

The format of the mail IDs is something like this(instead of

PersonName at yahoo dot com

This kind of text reduces(if not avoid) the possibilities of spammers getting the mail address from web pages by automatic crawling.

I thought we could create an image containing mail ID text and replace the text with the image.This will ensure that human visitors can see the mail Id and crawlers will not be able to understand. (Some people use s/w which understand image also. For this, blurred images - do they call it Anti aliasing or something - or images with tilted characters are used).I thought I can create an application with this functionality of generating images from text.

I googled about this to know more. (As usual)This had already been thought by lot of people long long ago :-(. Whom do I blame for giving me free net access and free time to think - so late in my life? Big Sigh:-( .

Some of the applications available- where you can give any text and get the image containing the given text ...

Anyway, thanks guys for reducing my work :-).

I am thinking abt some other tools. Will update later on that. (I need to go so weird such that nobody has already thought about it. I am good at that- going weird. But the tool has to be still useful. That’s the challenge. Lets see.)

If you have any specific tools/ideas in mind, you can ping me. You can retain the IP :-).


Comic Stripper said... will reduce more work for your text on image needs.

das said...

yes jegan
i think its a very good tool in the on-demand environment.
but is it far more capable than ??
Does it address the issues where is failing,like
bandwidth/network traffic issues..?????